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Who We Are

Coach Cook's Kids is a non-profit organization founded and operated by four brothers as a means to carry on their father's legacy of always fighting for the underdog. They do so by raising and donating money to cover the costs associated with organized sports for high school student-athletes whose families are unable to cover the expenses.

How We Got Here

On May 23rd, 2016 the world lost an invaluable man in Tom "Coach" Cook. A man who dedicated his life to teaching, to coaching, to shaping the lives of every kid he had in the classroom, in the wrestling room, on the football field, or any of the other literally hundreds of arenas in which his students, athletes, co-workers, and friends were fortunate enough to share time with him. His many friends and colleagues lost a man who placed tremendous importance on being there for others, particularly when they needed it the most.  Our community lost an extremely valuable educator, coach, and mentor. We, his sons, lost our Father, our Friend, our Coach.

Coach Cook and his 4 Boys - Christmas Day 2015

Coach Cook and his 4 Boys - Christmas Day 2015

Dad was a firm believer in the tremendous benefits organized sports could play in kids lives. He knew what sports had done for him...he saw what they had done for his boys as he coached each of them from the age of 5 (and before, really) on...he saw what sports had done for countless kids throughout his 40 years of coaching and teaching. Where he particularly saw this impact was in the kids who had the most to gain from the structure, work ethic, and personal accountability that team sports demanded. The troublemakers and hell raisers, the ones counted out, the ones he dubbed boneheads (his flagship tough-love word) - those kids, even more so than others, were the ones he took under his wing...

...Coach Cook’s Kids.


"Tom was, behind the scenes, one of the most generous people, not just with his time for student athletes but with his own money."

Nate Davis |  Seeger H.S. Athletic Director


"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty."  - Winston Churchill

With tremendous loss comes opportunity. Immediately following this loss we knew that we had to create something that not only would Dad be proud of, but that is founded on his guiding principals, that he instilled in us, and that will carry on and grow his legacy. 

So, to quote Dad, it was time to "Toughen Up"..."Rub Some Dirt On It, and Walk It Off".

In the days after Dad's passing we Cook Brothers established a foundation to carry on the aspect of Dad's legacy that he held more close to his heart than any - helping the kids that needed it most.  The name for it was an easy one...


"Helping kids who couldn't afford 'em get shoes, get things they needed to go to camp. He'd help find resources or find people who would help. That's just the kind of man he was."

Brian Moore |  Fountain Central A.D. / Coached with Tom for 11 years


How Your $ Helps

Coach Cook's Kids was founded to ensure that student-athletes from lower income families are able to stay involved in sports by relieving the expenses associated with organized athletics. Money is raised through fundraisers, donations, and apparel sales. All proceeds go into a fund with the Warren County Community Foundation who each year grant the money to Seeger High School, ensuring an almost immediate impact. Coaches will make requests to the athletic department to cover expenses for athletes who, based on their home situation, are unable to afford them - $80 for football cleats, $20 for a physical, $100 for a softball glove, $200 for wrestling camp, etc.  A trusted three member committee of Seeger staff, selected by us (Tom's sons) decide on all requests.


"Tom did not advertise when he helped a family financially...he bought shoes, or paid for their practice packs out of his own money, to make sure kids never felt left out."

Nate Davis |  Seeger H.S. Athletic Director

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